Brian Brown, WR – Dallas Cowboys

When my parents and I started the search for an NFL agent; we knew he had to be someone special. The agent I chose had to possess several qualities that were non-negotiable. He had to be trustworthy, accessible, knowledgeable about the industry, and work tirelessly to get me to the next level. While meeting with Will Harris, of Icon Sports Consulting LLC, we knew he possessed those qualities and the decision to hire him was simple. We knew he would be the perfect fit.

Ronald Curry, WR Coach – New Orleans Saints

I’ve known Will for 25 years and he is one of the hardest working people I have ever known. Time and time again, he has shown that he is a great agent through achieved results, but what makes him great is his love and passion for what he does. It is also important to me that Will is loyal and dedicated to his clients’ success. Lastly, because things happen quickly in this industry, I can always count on reaching Will when and if I need him.

Chris Gonzalez, OG– Minnesota Vikings

From the beginning of this process I knew I needed someone that had the knowledge, resources and experience to help me achieve my goals. With transparency and the patience to answer all of my questions, Will was the right person for me. Even when faced with the adversity of a freak injury, Will did everything in his power to ensure that I was receiving the highest quality of training. He also consistently communicated everything with me. His ability to make all of this happen while still having his other clients and being in another time zone was the dedication I truly appreciated.

 Arthur Maulet, Defensive Back – New York Jets

My very first decision as a professional athlete was an important one. I needed to select an agent. After many interviews, I chose Will Harris with Icon Sports Consulting. From day one Will had a plan for me. It was clear that he knows the industry very well, that he is honest, transparent and he is the person that he says he is. He shoots me straight and I can always count on him for good advice. Will has always been available to me, regardless of the time of day or night even for things not football related. Will is connected in the football world, he is aggressive and passionate about representing me and his other clients. I am glad I trusted Will and hired him. I nailed my first decision as a pro.

David Watford, QB– Hamilton Tiger Cats

Working with Will Harris has been nothing short of phenomenal. He is very detailed-oriented and puts his clients first at all times. Honesty, loyalty and regular communication were three of the main qualities I wanted in the person I ultimately chose to represent me and with Will, I have those things in abundance. I was and continue to be excited about my future with Will as my agent.

Player Personnel Representative, NFL (NFC East)

When negotiating player contracts with agents, you’re always looking for the process to go as smoothly as possible. In recently doing a deal with Will Harris (President of Icon Sports Consulting), not only was the process smooth, but he was accessible and responsive. We got a deal done that was in the best interest of the team and his client

Director of Pro Scouting, NFL (AFC)

Will is exactly what you want in an agent.He has a ton of experience, he is relentless in his advocacy for his clients and he is very well connected. I see Will between 3-5 times a year at All-Star games, the Combine and Pro Days. He’s always professional and he is trustworthy. When he calls me to tell me he has a guy I should look at, I pick up and I listen.  I have also gotten to know Will personally and in addition to being a great agent, he is also a great person, which in my opinion is why he is good at what he does professionally.

Pro Personnel Representative, NFL (NFC )

I have worked with Will with respect to several of his clients over the last couple of years.  In doing so, he was aggressive, yet reasonable. It is clear to me that he knows the industry and regularly does his homework. He has always done exactly what he said he was going to, which is important in building trust in negotiations.