NFL Scouting Combine & Draft Preparation

When players can potentially gain or lose millions of dollars based on how well they perform at the annual NFL Scouting Combine in advance of the NFL Draft, it becomes clear how vitally important it is to properly train for the Combine.  We understand this and to maximize each of our clients’ draft status, we make arrangements for them to train at some of the best training facilities in the country at no costs to them. The training regimens at these facilities are based on each athlete’s strengths, weaknesses and performance goals and are entirely focused on combine-specific training, including position drills, Wonderlic testing and interview preparedness.

While exciting, preparing for the NFL Draft can be a stressful time.  Our goal is to make the transition as smooth as possible.   In that regard, we’ll handle all aspects of your business during that period, including covering all expenses for training, housing, nutrition and transportation.  As appropriate, we’ll also arrange for loans and/or lines of credit and fittings with custom clothiers should the client be invited to attend the draft.  At bottom, if our clients need it, we provide it.

NFL Scouting Combine Training Facilities