Second Career Counseling

Anticipating Life After Sports – ALAS!™

The average length of a NFL career is only 3.6 years.  Armed with this knowledge, we impress upon our clients the need to plan ahead – to think about what they’ll do after their playing days are over.  To the extent they have not done so, we encourage our clients to return to school to earn their degree.  We also highly recommend that our clients take full advantage of the Player Development programs offered by the NFLPA such as the Broadcast Bootcamp; Business Management Program; and Player Development Coaching Internships.  To further assist our clients properly prepare for life after football, we have created a program called “Anticipating Life After Sports!” or “ALAS!”  Through this program, we seek to leverage our marketing partnerships and use our clients’ public profile to secure access to future employment or business opportunities.  We work with businesses to secure hands-on internships in order to provide our clients with the tools and business skills necessary to successfully and smoothly transition to a life beyond the playing field.  It’s important to us that our clients achieve success on the field, but it is also just as important that they achieve a lifetime of success off of it.