Marketing & Public Relations

Sports Marketing is the advertising of sports products and non-sports products through an association with sports or athletes. An increasing number of companies, large and small alike, understand and appreciate the value of attaching their brand or products to attributes such as “performance,” “passion,” “athleticism,” and “success.”  In addition to negotiating player contracts, our professionals aggressively pair our clients with advertising partners.  We obtain these off-field marketing opportunities by leveraging our clients’ athletic prowess and on-field successes.  In doing so, we take a hands-on approach to creating, maintaining and monitoring our clients’ image and brand.  In that regard, we actively seek out and negotiate on our clients’ behalf: licensing agreements, product endorsements, corporate sponsorships, speaking engagements, and public appearances.

Consistent with our marketing and branding efforts, we recognize the importance of having a robust public image that conveys the client in a positive light, which can pay substantial dividends for our clients.  As public relations is an integral aspect of building your brand, we endeavor to maintain our clients’ public image by interacting with the media and the public to control the flow of information, gain public awareness or to craft and deliver a particular message. Our public relations measures utilize traditional media platforms such as print, television and radio, as well as “new media” such as blogs, social networking sites and internet radio.  By utilizing and taking advantage of new media outlets, we help our clients target and directly communicate with their fans and target audience.